PP Jailbreak for Untethered iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

You know that there is a number of jailbreak teams available now. If I listed them, there are Yalu jailbreak, Electra jailbreak, Taig jailbreak, Keen lab, Pangu, PP etc. Among them today I’m going to talk about the most energetic jailbreak tool. That is PP jailbreak. Actually, with the release of iOS 11.3, Apple users waiting for the iOS 11.3 jailbreak. So now it is the time to talk about PP Jailbreak for Untethered iOS 11.3 Jailbreak.

jailbreak iOS 11.3

Review of PP jailbreak

PP is one of the most popular jailbreak team in China. In China, this is the most popular jailbreak tool and everyone talks about them. The reason for that is PP jailbreak team released a variety of PP apps to jailbreak the iOS versions easily. Actually, there are different kinds of names assigned for PP jailbreak. Some of them are PP, PP25 app for jailbreak. In fact, this app is free for download and install. So this is very famous among millions of users in China as well as all around the world. According to this moment, we can use this app for iOS 8 to iOS 8.1.2 versions. But unfortunately, this tool is not compatible with Apple TV.

When we go through about this PP jailbreak. Actually, it is an untethered jailbreak tool. Actually, you know that there are three types of jailbreak methods available now. There are the tethered jailbreak, untethered jailbreak, and semi jailbreak. The untethered jailbreak means the official jailbreak method and actually, it is rare to find for each and every version. But it is supported only for few iOS versions. In here we do not need a PC for download and install jailbreak. If you have a single iPhone or iPad, it is compatible for start the PP untethered jailbreak process. Because of the simple and reliable management system, PP jailbreak is a talkative process these days.

Download PP Jailbreak for Untethered iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

Actually, do not afraid to use this PP jailbreak as thinking that “I have no any enough idea about this tool, can I use this or something else”. This app not required a sound knowledge of jailbreak or knowledge in operating the tool. Actually, the process is very easy and anyone can easily handle it. On the other hand, while using this tool there will be no any errors occur. Actually, PP jailbreak process is similar to the process of TaiG jailbreak. They have only small differences as PP jailbreak use the PP helper app and the TaiG jailbreak has the 3K assistant.

PP Jailbreak for Untethered iOS 11.3 Supported devices

iPhone 6 and upwards
iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s,
iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

iPad Air 2 and upwards
iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini

iPod touch 5G and upwards

PP Jailbreak for Untethered iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

iOS 11.3 is the most reason iOS update and now it is available for all the compatible iDevices. Therefore there is not available any untethered jailbreak method for iOS 11.3 yet. In fact, PP PP Jailbreak for Untethered is yet available for iOS 8- iOS 8.1.2. However, we can have a hope with this PP jailbreak as surely it will come back with iOS 11.3 jailbreak in further days.